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Read what others are saying about Adoration Tours:

“You are to be commended, the tour  was so well organized, planned and well run. The  guides  were fabulous, accommodations and food superb. From beginning to end, everything  you planned made it a trip of a lifetime.”   Donna        

    “I have been working with Adeline at Adoration Tours for sometime and would not hesitate to send more people her way. She may well be the most informed tour operator I have dealt with in my 30 plus years organizing tours. Even though she has a very specialized market, she knows it, inside and out. I would recommend Adeline and Adoration Tours to the entire ."  Rob   

​•    It's a big honor to be able to share my experience about our Pilgrimage with Adoration Tours to Fatima, Santiago de Compostela, Lourdes, and Paris!  Prior to visiting Fatima and Lourdes I had made two other pilgrimages to two different apparition locations: 1) Our Lady of Kibeho in Rwanda August 2012, and 2) Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City October 2013. At both places I had a uniquely special feeling of calm and peace just being there. This is hard to express in words, but if I may try, it was a feeling sort of like: "This is incredible! I am actually standing on the same Holy Grounds where the Mother of God appeared." This similar reaction came back while in Fatima and Lourdes. I was blessed to both concelebrate as well as be the main celebrant of the Eucharist at the various stops we made along this pilgrimage. In both Fatima and Lourdes I was blessed to take part in two concelebrated Eucharistic celebrations at the very site of Our Lady's apparitions. While in Lourdes, I was lucky enough to bathe in the waters of the spring of St. Bernadette. Although I did not have any visible physical ailment, I felt such a profound cleansing, a spiritual healing. The climax of it all for me was in Lourdes, when I celebrated Mass together with over 60 of our pilgrims in the crypt chapel where St. Bernadette's relics are kept. Of course from Lourdes we continued our tour and pilgrimage to Paris, but what I had experienced thus far up to Lourdes had been enough to confirm in my heart that ‘this was by far the greatest pilgrimage and tour of a lifetime.” It was both emotionally and spiritually extremely moving. I am so thankful to God and the Blessed Mother for having afforded me the opportunity to make this holy journey. I am very grateful to Adoration Tours for organizing this pilgrimage and making it smooth and easy. We had amazing hotel service, great meals, and wonderful tour guides in all the places we visited. Big thanks to Adeline Castiglione for all the dedication and love towards this great ministry to our Blessed Mother.      Fr. Raphael D.

•    I am pleased to report that all the participants in our recent Pilgrimage to Jordan, and the Holy Land of Israel had a wonderful spiritual experience. Adoration Tours did an outstanding job of organizing our Pilgrimage, anticipating all our needs and including first-class hotels, fine restaurants with a variety of western-style meals, and local cuisine for those who may prefer it. Our tour guides were experienced and knowledgeable in the history and customs of each of the places we visited. Adoration Tours will customize your tour as you may specify with your preferences. They have personally visited all these places so they know by personal experience what should be included on a tour, and also what should be avoided. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Adoration Tours a perfect 10 since they plan everything with great care and personal knowledge.   Fr Vince S

•   I have been working with Adeline at Adoration Tours for many years - everything from World Youth Day in Europe to assisting with arrangements for private retreats in the US. She has always been gracious, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the business.  Adeline has been a great help to the Conventual Franciscan community in helping us to put together wonderful retreats, pilgrimages, and tours of "spiritual" sites for many years. Her knowledge of Europe, and especially of Italy are a great asset in making these very special events.   Fr Robert

•   Adoration Tours plans meaningful and prayerful travels, in detail. Those who want to explore the world and God’s presence in it will not be disappointed if they ask Adeline to arrange it. Having traveled twice now with groups she organized – one walking in Paul’s Footsteps and one exploring the 4 Gospels -- I am happy to endorse Adoration Tour’s services.   Fr. Bob B 

•   Dear Adeline, Just a note to thank you for allowing me to be your chaplain on your recent tour to Fatima and Lourdes. I enjoyed it very much. It was a great spiritual experience for me. Well planned and carried out. Looking forward to our next tour.   Fr Dan O

•   Dearest Adeline, Thought you should know, your tour was the greatest renewal of my faith. We are still on cloud nine over our pilgrimage. I am still in awe over all that I have experienced with you. We both agree that you are an amazing woman. Can't believe how you handled so many details. Thank you for an amazing experience and we will definitely stay in touch for future pilgrimage tours.   Bernadette H

•   Dear Adeline, It was indeed a very blessed and fruitful pilgrimage for Ed and I and I'm still basking in the joy and excitement from that trip. The most awesome one is the miracle of the sun that I captured in video. 
As always, thank you so much Adeline for being an instrument in fulfilling such an awesome journey for us all. Looking forward to the next one.   Delia F

•   Adeline, our pilgrimage tour reflected your attention, love and kindness. I will always remember when you told me that the Blessed Mother told you that “you are her hands.” Precisely why I gave you my mother’s medal of Our Lady.  
Wear it knowing it was meant for you, my mother would be thrilled. Again, many thanks. We look forward to our next pilgrimage with you.   Lenore F

•   Dear Adeline, Just wanted to express our sincerest thanks for the perfect Italian Pilgrimage with Bishop Blaire. It was absolutely wonderful---as the guides were most professional & thorough in their explanations & took care of us just like family. Your agency does a fantastic job in screening its staff. Again, much thanks to you for a class act in all your preparation---not a hitch! Truly a lifetime trip to remember!!!   Fondly, Jerry & Sandy Q

•   Dear Adeline, I can't begin to "thank you" for making my trip to the Holy Land such a memorable one. I have not been able to stop talking about it to family, friends, neighbors and co workers. You spent so much of your time planning and arranging our trip that I just wanted to say a special "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart. You made the trip such an experience I will never forget. Because of your hard work and thoughtfulness, I am having a Mass said for your special intentions on December 8th, at the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Stockton. 
  Bishop Blaire will be the celebrant at the Mass. Please accept this as my way of showing appreciation. May God continue to bless you in the work you do in His name.   Sincerely,   Yvonne H 

•   Adeline, You are such an inspiration for the Church and are totally awesome with the kind of travel you research and commit to. I know you work extremely hard and I commend your commitment in inspiring and teaching others with the tours and visits to the various religious sites.  We definitely need more religiously-inspired people like yourself within the Church. You know you're in the minority, that's for sure. God Bless You.   Carol

•   Adeline, Special thanks for sharing your story of the Blessed Mother with us. How comforting it must be to know that Mary is always with you. I`m sure she is happy about the pilgrimages you take people on in her honor.
Because of the tour my faith is stronger and all the sites that I observed and am presently studying will remain in me forever. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have walked in the Footsteps of Jesus!
Many blessings to you and your family. I look forward to another opportunity to travel with you again.   Dennis A

•   Dear Adeline, THANK YOU for one of the most memorable and wonderful trips of my life. Visiting the Holy Lands was a dream of mine, but not one I ever imagined I would actually take. I've learned a great deal about tours, tour groups and tour agencies and I truly cannot imagine going to someone else for any future tours. The way you take care of us, and the affection that you showed us all on this trip was AMAZING. Everything was first class! It's such a wonderful feeling to know that I was in such good hands.  Thanks for a wonderful experience and for the opportunity to meet wonderful new friends. I'm looking forward to next year and another amazing trip with Adoration Tours!   Sandy

•    Adeline, Thanks for guiding us and providing us with excellent tour guides. The trip was efficient and well organized, the way I like to travel. The biblical sites we visited were awe inspiring and my spirituality has further increased and I know I love being a Catholic and being around good practicing Catholics. All the best to you and Adoration Tours always. May you be blessed.   Dennis

Adeline; Thank you  
We really enjoyed the trip as a family & rate your service all 5 stars, especially with the well chosen places we traveled to and the hotel accommodations. Also, it was very educational, especially with our tour guide Nick and our driver Bruno, who transported us safely throughout our trip. It was also very spiritually enlightening, especially with Father Larry & Brother Raphael celebrating the mass with us and our spectacular group.
We will be in touch with you for future trips and referrals and please advise us on future Holy Land tours.
God Bless, Joseph, Tina and Jason