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NOW IS THE TIME ...     “A Modern Day Evangelization”

Now is the time to bring creative forms of evangelization to the Catholic Church in America.  Pope Benedict XVI’s visit filled American Catholics with joy and the hope of moving forward with our beautiful faith.   People feel good, once again, about being Catholic.  In addition, Priests know that it is easier to deliver Our Lord’s message to an open mind.  Adoration Tours is an excellent turn-key tool to deepen the faith of believers, call those who are new to the Lord, as well as reach persons who do not yet know God or even challenge His existence.

By customizing pilgrimages that deliver the Lord’s message wrapped in exciting vacation travel to historic lands, participants have deepened their faith, come back to church, and reported conversions.  Each pilgrimage tour always includes a priest who travels for free, compliments of Adoration Tours.    Adeline Castiglione, President and Owner, Adoration Tours says, “This is a ministry for me.  My reward is serving Our Lord Jesus through His Mother, Mary.  It’s a blessing to see and hear about the miracles that take place as a result of these pilgrimages.”   Fr. Ben Anthony, St.  Mels, Woodland Hills, California conveyed to Adeline, “What you’re doing is a modern day evangelization.”  

PARISH BENEFITS – “Tours that sooth and nourish the soul” – Wall Street Journal
Due to all the responsibilities and demands on a Priest’s time that can diminish addressing inter-ministry challenges or conflicts, religious have reported that after their parish participated in a holy pilgrimage, their flock became more united and stronger.  A real sense of family working together. 
Catholics /Christians like to have fun.  Vacations with a purpose, other than merely recreational, continue to grow in popularity with today’s travelers.  They want to “experience more.”  
Let Adoration Tours coordinate with your parish to customize a tour specifically for your needs.   

Faith Benefits:
• Spiritual renewal in the parish and awakening among parishioners
• Improved relationships among parishioners
• Creates family and feeling of community among members
• Leads to new people ready to say “yes” to ministry leadership
• Refreshes existing faith ... the Bible comes alive
• Encourages repeated Pilgrimages
• Include people who are not church members who later join the faith

Tour Features:
• Visit Holy Shrines as well as cultural sites
• Attend Mass in magnificent Cathedrals, Basilicas and other Holy Shrines
• Combines spirituality while learning about and experiencing foreign cultures and people
• Fun and Memorable way to experience our faith 

Setting up an Adoration Tour with your parish is turn-key - your parishioners can do the coordinating.
Pastors take this information back to your Parish Board for review and feasibility:

Turn-Key Process
Step 1: Present this and additional Adoration Tour information to your Parish Board.  
Step 2: Choose tours from current options, customized for parish preferences and needs.
Step 3: Priest or Parish Board assigns a ministry or organizer to work with Adoration Tours
Step 4: Promotion - Pulpit and Bulletin announcements promote the Pilgrimage. 
Step 5: Parish fundraisers - encourage parish participation and help those less fortunate to attend
  ie bake sales, dinner dance, luau, basketball competition at parish festival or picnic, etc.

Example:  One ministry may volunteer to organize the pilgrimage for the parish. 
                 Some parishes will rotate or alternate which group organizes for each trip.

Minimum of 30 people.... Priest / Minister travels FREE*
If  only 15 people each took a spouse, you’d have a group.

*Other tour companies divide the cost of the priest into everyone else’s ticket. Adeline covers the cost of the priest herself and does not pass it on to anyone.  This is her ministry, not just a business.

Tour Cost Examples: Holy Land Pilgrimage is the best cost value and great to begin a Pilgrimage itinerary.
 Marian Shrines in Europe, based on the Euro, can be a bit more costly today but are highly successful and groups fill quickly. There is a tremendous devotion to our dear Blessed Mother.
              Tour options are endless, “if you can dream it, we can take you there!!”

“Pilgrimages at Sea” …. See the Old World in a new way!!
As a matter of fact, we most recently have developed “Pilgrimages at Sea.”  These are cruises including ports of spiritual interest ie, Fatima, Rome, Florence, Athens, Ephesus, Le Havre (Paris - Lisieux), Dubrovnik (Medjugorje).  Unpack once and discover a different port everyday including all the amenities of traveling onboard a cruise ship..  
Ask about our "Footsteps of Paul" Itinerary.

Some Parish Ministries who have coordinated travel with Adoration Tours:
• Liturgy Committee -  Bible Study -  Knights of Columbus
• Rosary Group - Legion of Mary - RCIA
• Religious Education - Music Ministry - Bereavement
• Filipino Community, Divine Mercy Ministry
• Hispanic Community, Lady of Guadalupe (in Spanish)

Adeline will gladly offer a presentation to your parish to help build excitement and enthusiasm for your parish Pilgrimage. Call TODAY for suggestions and ideas !!

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