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Oberammergau, Germany including The Passion Play 
14 Days    July 20 - Aug. 2, 2020
Luxurious Italian Lakes
Austria & Switzerland
Italian, Swiss and Austrian Alps
with visits to
Lakes Como and Maggiore, Italy
Lugano, Isola Bella, Milan
Italian, Swiss & Austrian Alps
Zermatt - Matterhorn,  Lucerne, Switzerland
Innsbruck  ~ Salzburg, Austria
        Spiritual Director:
                     Fr. Larry Sanders

Men on stage at the Oberammergau Passion play

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Oberammergau July 20 - Aug. 2 

Oberammergau Passion Play including Oktoberfest in Munich    10 Days    Sept 17 - 26, 2020
​with visits to:

Heidelberg - Strasbourg -  Zurich - Black Forest - Innsbruck - Salzburg - Oberammergau Passion Play
(400 yr. old vow celebrated every 10 yrs),  Oktoberfest in Munich
        Spiritual Director:   Msgr. Jim  Gehl

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Sept. 17 -  26, 2020

Oberammergau Passion Play with Viking River Cruises       July 10 -  July 22, 2020​

Viking River Cruise Logo

Amsterdam to Oberammergau

Join us for an 12-day cruiset our as you sail the Rhine River from Amsterdam, Netherlands through France & Austria to Germany.   Take in a dramatic performance of The Passion Play—a depiction of the trial, suffering and death of Christ. A 400-year-old pledge to God that is celebrated once every ten years, you will witness this time-honored tradition.    

   Limited availability; please reserve today.​​​​​

Men on stage at the Oberammergau Passion play

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Viking  July 10 - July 22, 2020